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Cake Flavors

Moist & melt in your mouth - make an appointment to try a few.  We have all the traditional flavors and a few fun ones you just cannot resist!  For a personal twist to your celebration - mix and match your cake layers to please all your guests taste buds...and don't forget the Groom's cake!

Choose from my most popular flavors or fillings.  I can even create a signature one just for your special day!

Cake Flavors           Speciality Cake Flavors 
White                      Carrot
Chocolate                Strawberry Champagne  
Guava                      Butter Yellow
Almond                    Red Velvet
Lemon                     German Chocolate   
Strawberry               Cherry Chocolate Swirl
Coconut                   Chocolate Mocha Swirl
Yellow                      Tiramisu w/ Mascarpone         Spice                       Yellow-Chocolate Marble
Orange                     White-Chocolate Marble

Fillings                    Frostings  
Raspberry                Buttercream
Strawberry               Carmel Buttercream
Blackberry               Coconut Pecan
Triple Berry              Strawberry Champagne
Guava                     Chocolate
Cherry                    Salted Chocolate Carmel
Hazelnut                 Cream Cheese
Chocolate Amaretto                
Chocolate Mocha    
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Carmel
Chocolate Hazelnut
Peanut Butter
Strawberry Champagne
Key Lime
Pina Colada

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